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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

What A Great Day October 31, 2009

Kyle and Brittney: the baby is due in late November
Charity on our way to church last Sunday, I had to stop and take this photo
Last week's four outline lessons:

The birthday cake from Union Mills


What a great day: I was up at 5 a.m. and had a great cup of good coffee, well several cups of coffee. Then woke Charity up and she was off to work around 7 a.m. I worked around the house in the morning. I finished the outline for Sunday night. Finished the church bulletin as well.

I have uploaded Sunday Evenings video sermon from Romans 1:7, started this process around noon and as of 6:45 p.m. two are ready and the third will be soon.

I picked up Charity at 1 p.m. and had lunch at Mex Itali with Kindra and Debbie. Then went to Kroger with Charity and I printed out some great photos. Finally back to the house by 2:30.

I went to the church and visited some members and printed the outlines for Sunday's messages and the church bulletin. And while I was moving some old tapes from the passed, I came across a tape from Victory Baptist Church in 1974. Oh my, that was interesting to listen to. Goodness.

Finally I arrived back home, and Charity had a nice supper. Now I am finishing up this post and will call it a day.

Hope the Yankees win tonight. Ohio State won over a AAA team. 45-0.

Its now 7:32 and 14 hours later, I believe I will take off my tie.

It has being a great day. Romans 1:7 and Philippians 2:8-9 great text for Sunday.

Charity is getting a little supper ready, and we will rest a minute before we call this a great day.

Did God Create Evil and Sin?

When I began this series from Genesis back in Februay, I didn't know I would be still teaching in the series in November. But I am known for long series.


"Let me explain the problem science has with Jesus Christ." The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand. "You're a Christian, aren't ou son."

"Yes sir."

"So you believe in God?"
"Is God good?"
"Sure! God's good."

"Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything."

"Are you good or evil?"
"The Bible says I'm evil."

The professor grins knowingly "Ahh! THE BIBLE!" He considers for a moment. "Here's one for you. Let's say there is a sick person over here and you can cure him. You can do it. Would you help them? Would you try?"
"Yes sir, I would."

"So you're good...!"
"I would say that."

"Why not say that? You would help a sick and maimed person if you could..in fact most of us would if we could..... God doesn't."

(No Answer)

Well that is not the end of the talk between the professor and student, but you get the point.

The truth is, if you don't understand Genesis 3 you might not understand the rest of the Bible.

  • You can not know the solution to the problem, unless you know what the problem is.
  • You can not know the cure unless you know the right diagnosis.
  • You will never be able to know God's remedy for this world, if you don't know and understand the difficulty wunder which this world lives and functions.

Well I am well into this study and much has been said about this matter of evil and sin and how all went wrong after God had made a perfect universe and world, and earth, and man and woman.

After teaching six months on God's creation of the world, so perfect, then to have to spent another few months on how the devil destroyed this who world and everyone in it. How can that have happen?

How was it that every think was "very good," at the end of Genesis 1 and then we come to chapter three and every thing we wrong?

What went wrong. It's like man has fallen from heaven without a parachute, and he sinking at a speed toward hell with nothing to stop him.

What happen in Genesis 3:1-7?

Sin entered into the world for the first time.

Satan entered into the Garden of Eden. And the devil has not left mankind along since then.

Everything wrong is because of sin. And any accurate understanding of the way things are in the earth demands an understanding of sin. Without us knowing the events in Genesis three is not going to be a right view of how it is today in our world. Romans 8:21-22

You and I are not the way God inteneded us to be. We have become "slavery to corrupltion."

So how did all this happen? Was it all God's fault? Is God the creator of Evil and Sin?

So you might need to read the outlines and maybe when you have time to listen to the videos on this subject.


The Wrong Choices Led Eve To Sin 5 of 5 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

How Satan Gets People To Sin

How Satan Gets People To Sin 1 of 5 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

October 28 2009 Charles E. Whisnant, teaches from Genesis 3:1-7 on How Satan got Eve to Sin and disobey God in the Garden of Eden. one of five.,

Self fulfillment Has Taken Over for Love for God

The fall tress as you go down route 64 from our house to the church.

In our society today, its true that self-fillment has taken over for consuming love for God.

We are in the series on how temptation becomes sin on Wednesday night at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church. How does the devil get a person to sin! What is sin! Genesis 3:1-7 is a conversation between the devil and Eve.

In Eve's talk with the Devil and into the talk Eve is saying "I will." Self-fulfillment has taken over for consuming love for God.

For the first time ever, what is driving her is her satisfaction. And that's when sin moves from the mind into the feeling. She's already sinned in the mind, but now the sin is going to work on her emotionally. And it's going to conceive. And it's going to bring forth evil, disobedient behavior, and that will produce death in exactly the pattern of James 1:14 and 15. This is the self-seduction. This is where the feelings follow the mind. Look how it unfolds in Verse 6: "When the woman saw that the tree was good for food" -- that's not intellectual.

Reflection On The Goodness of The Lord


By the end of the evening, I was refreshed in my spirit. This was the first Sunday at ROJBC when our worship leader Bob Temple really was now in Fort Worth Texas for a long while. And you get to church and you see no cars in the parking lot. And you are saying, "Okay, Lord, its Charity and I today." Then you realize you are early.

We as pastors of small churches, (really small in numbers) sometimes are overwhelmed when even smaller number of people come. Today could have been such a day for me. But before the day was over, my focus was on the Lord and had a great time of fellowship.

Too often pastors will express their disappointment over the offering, or attendance, or general attitude of the people. Satan likes to do that to you, you know. The pastor will spend a lot of time just complaining how bad he believes the people are for not doing more for the Lord.

I am grateful for the spirit of our people, I am grateful for their faithfulness. I am grateful that they love the Lord and want to come to all our services. I am glad they want to hear and learn the Word of God. We really have a great group of people.

So today rather than getting down because Bob was not here, and Bill Bower has been sick for several weeks, that we would do the best we could do. And Bill Bower and I made a great team today. Johnny Edwards is a God sent servant of the Lord. He has been sick, his wife is not well either, but Johnny is still full of the spirit of the Lord in his singing and testimony for the Lord. Pauline and Johnny had a great special singing. We had a few visitors today.

Janet Ramey worked hard on Saturday to give the kids a good time of fun. Then she got them to come to church on Sunday. Then one of her grand kids sung a special song tonight and that was very encouraging.

So when the day was over, the Lord once again showed Himself as God and encouraged our hearts with His love and care and grace.

We are a blessed people.

Enjoyed teaching this morning in our Bible study time. "IN TIMES OF SPIRITUAL EXTREME ANXIETY WHAT DO YOU DO? And we talked about the Latin term: Coram Deo. Colossians 1:24, 1 Peter 2:21, 1 Peter 3:18, Philippians 3:10

In the morning hour I taught from Philippians 2:5 'WHAT IS THE MEAN OF THE INCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST." Jesus Christ became like us in order that we might become like Him. The eternal God came to earth in human form as Jesus Christ. (sermon outline and video come this week.)

Sunday Evening we went to Romans 1:5 and finished up with the 'THE PRIVILEGE OF THE GOSPEL." Romans 8:38-39

Then a great time of fellowship after the service.

So by the time the day Charity and I got back to the house, we were encouraged in the Lord.





For the most part, I have liked the TV show Law and Order for some 20 years now. I didn't say I like necessarily the themes, but I have liked the acting, while I might not like the actors. Anyway, that as it may, tonight I watched the show called "DIGNITY." (check the episodes)

The show is straight forward, the show was about the shooting of Dr. Tiller in Witchia Kansas. Charity and I lived in Altoona about 100 miles from Witchia for 16 plus years. And there were many great churches in Witchia, yet the city was the capital city of abortions.

The show was really about the debate in our country. In any show like this, there are facts that are facts and then some that are not. Opinions are those who the writers of the show. But you learn the prospectives of that the thinking is today.

35 years since the Row verses Row ruling and its still the topic today. But the comments made during the show was interesting.

Today I Began My 62 Year

Today Friday I began my 62 year.

  1. 1947-1950 (?) Born and lived in Lynchburg, Virginia
  2. 1950-1966 Lived and went to school in Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke Baptist Temple
  3. 1966-1966 After Dad died we moved to Danville, Virginia
  4. 8/66 1/70 Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington Texas
  5. June 14 1969 Married Charity
  6. Places I have worked in Ministry Fort Worth, Texas
  7. Wooster, Ohio
  8. Minford, Ohio - Madison Baptist Church
  9. Mansfield, Ohio, Perryville, Ohio
  10. Fort Worth, Texas
  11. Connersville, Indiana
  12. Cedar Lake, Indiana Hyles-Anderson College
  13. 3/1980 7/1996 Pastor/teacher First Baptist Church, Altoona, Kansas
  14. 7/1996- 2001 Lexington, Kentucky
  15. 3/2001 - presently living Portsmouth Ohio
  16. Currently Pastor/Teacher Minford, Ohio - Rivers of Joy Baptist Church
I don't want to list all the secular jobs I have had the privilege to work for. The list would be a lot.
  1. I will say I worked the longest while Pastor at FBC in Altoona, Ks. For ten years I worked in Fredonia, Kansas at a Nursing Home. Love the time with the older folks.
  2. And I worked in Lexington, Kentucky at a number of part times jobs. 1996-2001
  3. Moving to Portsmouth, Ohio in 2001. Worked only at Mex Itali part time for two years.
  4. As of October 2009 I will be helping Charity at Union Mills, and riding the John Deere 850.
Other points of interests:

  1. As I look back, I was saved by God's grace in 1954. At the time I didn't know what grace was. I didn't know John 3:16 either. What I knew, I wanted Jesus to save me. And you know He did. And for all these years, He is still working in my life.
  2. Christ called me to be His servant. I first worked with my Dad in his church when I was a teenager and did until Dad died in 1966.
  3. I have had the privilege to serve in a number of ministries and work in the secular workplace for which I am glad.
  4. Charity and I have been married for 40 years as of June 20009.
  5. Charity and I have four adult children, Eric, Becky, Chad and Kyle.
  6. Now we have a grand child by Eric and Leslie, and later this year another grandchild by Kyle and Brittney.
I am thankful that the Lord has held us up by His grace, and power and will. I have failed more than I want to admit to accomplished all that I had wised I could have succeed. But one thing I have tried over the years, is to do the best I can with what God had to work with.

I trust that the Lord will continue to use us as His servant.

This Matter of Preaching and Unity

This Matter of Preaching from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Charles E. Whisnant, October 17, 2009

The Model For Unity is Jesus part 2 of 3 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

From October 17 2009, Charles speakes from Philippians 2:3-4

This Matter of Unity in the Church from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Part 3 or 4 from Charles E. Whisnant, message on the necessary of unity in the Church


The Doctor on the problem of self. Our society tells us to feed our independence, our self-sufficiency and as a result our pride. The Doctor wisely points to a very different way:

How well the devil knows our human weakness! There is no method, therefore, that he more frequently uses . . . than just to play on this problem of self as it is present in every one of us. The ways in which he does so are almost endless. He works on self in order to encourage pride. He tries to make us proud of our gifts, our brains, our understanding, our knowledge . . .

Another form which this evil can take stems from the fact that various desires always tend to arise from self—the desire for importance, the desire for position . . . All this leads above everything else to a sprit of self-satisfaction . . .Furthermore this condition leads to selfishness and self-centredness. Self is always interested in itself. Everything revolves round this particular entity; and it becomes the centre of a constellation. That in turn leads to jealousy and envy . . .

To the extent that we are governed by self we are sensitive, and as such we can be easily hurt, easily depressed, and discouraged. Self is always watching for insults and slights. It is always hypersensitive. It is delicate, it is sensitized to everything; the slightest speck troubles it and alarms it. Self is totalitarian; it demands everything, and it is irritated and hurt if it does not get everything. As a consequence it becomes a most fruitful cause of quarrels and divisions and unhappiness . . .

If you have a great brain, it is no credit to you, you were born with it. If you have a wonderful singing voice, you have not produced it, it was given you. What are you boasting about? All that you have is not the result of your action and activity; it is something with which God has endowed you . . .

Paul always kept the grace of God in view; it kept him humble; it kept his spirit sweet; it kept him from the horrible sin of self and of pride and self-importance. Christians have nothing to boast of. We are what we are entirely as the result of the grace of God. -
David Martyn. Lloyd-Jones, The Christian Warfare : An Exposition of Ephesians 6:10 to 13 (Edinburgh; Carlisle, Pa.: Banner of Truth Trust, 1976), 334.

Charles E. Whisnant, Sermon Outlines for 10 18 09

Society Security at Sixty Two

Just had to post these two photos .

I am going to be 62 on October 22, and going to take the Society Security. Goodness we have paid into it and our employers have paid as much as I have over the years. Since my
Dad died at 62 I believe. I thought he was born in 1904 some say 1902. Nevertheless he is with the Lord today. So since I am not making million of dollars I will just take the money now.
I thought Dad was rather old, while as I look back, he was very active in ministry and working . I didn't see Dad weak or lazy but always going and working. So when Dad died, we were all shocked.
So I will continue to enjoy my work in ministry. From the first job I had in Seminary in 1966 to now I have had a second, third job, working in the workforce. In addition of pastoring and working in the church. There have been several positions I have had where I didn't need to have a second job. So at 62 I believe I can devote my energy to one work. Of course I still have a lot of work riding on the John Deere 850 in the summer, and helping Charity at Union Mills, other that those two jobs I will be doing a lot of studying.


This list will show 30 girls names and 40 boys names that attended our class
over the 27 months. I have always liked keeping records. With the numbers are names who today I still like to remember them.
(if you click on the paper, enlargment will happen)
Of course 43 years ago, I don't remember all the details, but I do remember those were some of the best times of our lives. December 1963 thru February 1966 when my Dad passed away, that would be 27 months I believe.
God's grace, gave great gain, glorified, gladness, gathering. godliness, and grace.

Roanoke Baptist Temple, Ronaoke, Virginia

The papers on this post are the original papers that I had in 1966. I have keep them now for these 43 years. I have always viewed ministry as people and not numbers. I believe I have names of most of the youth who have attended our classes over the last 43 yearss of ministry.

I would love to know where these youth are today? I know of a few. I know some are in ministry and still serving the Lord. That is what it is all about.

God's Word Does Not Change, But Changes Us

Last night I drove over to Union Mills to pick up Charity after a 12 hour marathon. We are glad business is good. They were working on orders for Satursday. Well, the time was 9:30 p.m. Wendy was still open, so I ordered a Junior Cheeseburger. That was good.

I had just finished typing up the outline on Philippians 2 for Sunday night. I really like doing outlines of the sermons. While I had previous taught on Philippians when I was at First Baptist Church in Altoona, Kansas back in 1992, the manuscript was still good.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16

The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Psalms 12:6

Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
Ecclesiastes 12

But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. John 20:31\


I woke up this morning around 4 a.m. with that statement on my mind. I hoped I could remember the statement when I got up. God's Word is forever the same. God is One who can not change or change His Word.

God speaks to us directly by the Written Word. How Good Is That?

The Praise of TheLord

In the drive over to the office at Rivers of Joy, there is this beautiful changing of the trees, in a three mile stretch you see the changing of the seasons. I find this refreshing. I didn't know the first time I took the route over to the church, how long I would be the pastor/teacher of ROJBC. But this has been a beautiful season for us.

There is cause for praise. PRAISE.
  • An expression of faith
  • A declaration of victory
  • It declares that we believe God is with us. Romans 8:28
  • Is a "sacrifice"something we offer to God sacrificially, not just because we feel like it but because we believe in Him and wish to please Him.
  • Hebrews 13:15.
  • Psalms 139:14

  1. And my soul knows right well. We are no agnostic, we know.
  2. We are no doubter, our soul knows
  3. We are no dupe, our soul knows right well.

This I have learned quite well, we are made to know Him. And to know God, to know his Son, Jesus Christ, to know Him as Savior and Lord is enough to give us praise all the day long.


There are times I am human and I like to watch one of my favorite series: BABYLON 5. So today I watched season five episodes 21 and 22 . Its the end of the five year run of the series. I was living in Lexington KY. and waiting for the Lord to give me another assignment. Sometimes waiting for the assignment was a mental struggle for me. I never really give up hope but was a little worried. After five years in Lexington, and then eight years in Portsmouth, I was beginning to wonder. BUT GOD.

My Dad would be asked to preach in Fellowship Meetings and he would preach the sermon: BUT GOD. I believe I have never questioned God in His timing about events in our lives, but I have question people in their timing. I have never question God for any event that I might have thought negative. God is only wise, and all good in all He does. But I have sure question men in their decision to follow His direction.


This last Wednesday Night October 14, 2009 I brought a lesson on THE DECREE OF GOD. And I will post the outline is posted there and I will later post the lesson on video.

BUT GOD is not the author of Evil and Bad, only Good. But He decree all things to bring about His glory. We have dishonored God if we blame God for evil and bad things that we believe have happen to us or anyone else.

The Wonderful Fall Trees

We liked the sun rays coming through the trees
What a view as we went to Rivers of Joy Baptist Church Sunday Morning

My study at the house: Was working on
Romans 1 and Philippians 2
On the screen is a photo
of Mom and me and Dad


After taking Charity to Union Mills, I went to K-Mart and Wal-Mart to look for some office supplies and a coffee maker for the office at church. While I was there I visited with several friends who I have known for a few years.

How do I want to say this? Sometimes it's necessary to leave your home church. (all accept ours course) There is a time when you need to find a church that you can grow spiritually. There is a time that the leadership has just brought you down to the low end of your spiritual energy. And sometimes you don't even know how low you are running on.

There are many reasons that I could give for the need to change, but one would be, there is no energy of the Spirit in the leadership. I discovered that you don't use your people to build the church but you use the church to build up your people. Sometimes the people are so over worked and under feed spiritual with the Word that they are running on low energy fuel.

Just because a person is working hard in the church, active in singing in the choir, teaching a Sunday School class, working in children church, doesn't mean the person is healthy spiritually. Most of the time the case is they are just about dead spiritually.

And too often the person does not want to leave their home church. And they are sacrificing their spiritual life for the comfort of a home church that they are dying in.

Sometimes people are already nearly dead spiritually anyway so they are not aware of their condition. Some may be busy in their own world of working in the church, but its all form and motion and not spiritual to their spiritual health.

I have often gone to churches that were one step away from death. To try to revive the life that should be flowing in the body of the church was a challenge. What I would discover, the people were hungry for spiritual food, and would soak in the spiritual energy given to them.

Often the issue was not the people, but the preacher before I came. In come cases the preacher that was in the church when I came as an assoc. was lifeless himself.

I am not sure why preachers do not take time to see the spiritual condition of the flock that they have in the church. Some preachers have no energy to pastor. Some preachers get mad that the people are not working hard enough so they shout, fuss, and carry on about the lack of work in the church. Some preachers do not have a clue what the matter is.

Often when I have come and after a time, there is new life been put into the body of the people and there is new life springing up in the church. Then you can see healthy people again, there is spiritual growth as well as new people coming. The church body grows and stays healthy.

In the cases where the preacher gets his feelings hurt and doesn't like what he believes is against his leadership, he will ask that I leave. Only to see the church go back into the condition the church was before.

In this case in my thinking, its time to look for another church. Don't die before you time. There is life in other churches believe me.


  1. The church does not need hype and emotion, and excessive entertainment.
  2. The church does not necessary need to be large
  3. The church does not necessary need to have a big building.
  4. The church does need to provide the means whereby the people can grow in the nurture of the Lord.
  5. A church that has a large crowd does not necessarily say that the church is healthy.
  6. A feel good church service is not necessarily to say its the right kind of church to attend.
  7. A church that has a large group of kids, does not necessarily say they have a healthy church.
  8. A church that says they have 100's saved and baptized every year, is not necessarily a health church.
  9. A church might not have the best singing in the community, might not have the best youth ministry, might not have the best children ministry.
  10. A church might be one of the smallest church in the community and be a health church.

  1. A church needs a pastor and not just a preacher.
  2. A church needs a pastor who is a teacher of the Word of God.
  3. A church needs to provide spiritual food for the opportunity for spiritual growth.
  4. A church needs to have set before them the objectives and goals that will bring glory to the Lord and spiritual growth to its members.


  1. What is the atmosphere as you enter into the church building?
  2. What is the atmosphere as you enter into the worship service?
  3. Listen to the music with your spirit not with your emotions.
  4. Listen to the sermon. Is the message from the Bible text quoted by the preacher.
  5. I would not necessarily look at the number of people attending.
What is hard in attending another church.

  1. It is not necessarily going to be like the last church you attended.
  2. It is not likely going to feel like the last church you attended.
  3. It is not likely to meet your every expectations that you were hoping for.
  4. It is going to feel strange and different. Which could be good.
  5. The music and preaching might be different than what you had expected.
  6. Sometimes it takes time to grow to like the right kind of church.

The Farm Place

What was back in 2002 a Driving Golf Range is now where we live and where Gary P. has his trucks
With our new window door we get to see a beautiful view
and I keep our John Deere close by.




The question should be? Who cares about your life anyway? Who is the only one who not only cares, but will help you every moment of the day? Who knows your every action of the day? Who knows you as you are and still cares about you?

Its always being our policy, stop in anytime with reason. Office hours at the church. While we lived in Altoona, Kansas for over sixteen years, our front door was open all the time. Literally not locked.

The open door to our lives within reason of course. But we should live like we are a open door. Its not a reality show, where much is stage anyway for TV. But in real life the idea that God is looking in, is a sobering thought.

While many want to know what the TV or Movie personality person is doing, and they are usually posted on some magazine for the world to see. Many can't want to buy a magazine to see what they are doing.

Personally I enjoy a brief update on what my friends are doing. I enjoy their photo of family and vacations.

Our life is an open book. So be sure to walk as Christ would desire us to.
Maybe we would like to follow the work that someone does. I would love to follow John MacArthur around for a week, to see what he does in his preparation for sermons, and pastoring the Grace Community Church. I would love to spend a week just following him around. Well, its not practical I know.
Psalms 1:1-3 , Psalms 1:4-6. Matthew 7:24 -26 Matthew 7:27

Getting In Shape For the Lord

Well I must say, I should be able to get in shape before the end of the year. I will get started on Monday. Getting your physical body in shape so that your mind will work better so that you can learn better, so you can knowing the Word of God better.


While there is a challenge in the ministry, its the challenge that is good.
While Charity is a great cook, we do eat out some.
Since we have a new back door with a large window, Charity
now can look out and see the view.
The view out our back door window.

The Theology of Sin Series: Outline 09 30 09

The series on the Doctrine of Sin has been good. We have enjoyed teaching the material to our church. Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, in Minford Ohio.
As I write the outline on Miscsoft Word and save the doc. then uploaded it to Slideshare

Another view of the outline is located on Window Live. This is so great to have available.

The videos are put on Kodak EasyShare than up loaded to Vimeo, then hear are on

For Me To Live is Christ Its just great to be able to do this on the web.

Rivers Of Joy Baptist Church Pastor's Office 2009

Today, rather this afternoon, I am in my office at the church. As of last Friday, I officially left Mex Itali. While the hours were only 10 hours per week, they seemed to me more. I feel like a new man for sure.

So I am going to spend some time in the Pastor's Office and Study. This is the joy of my life to be able to be available for counsel and visiting and study at the church. Now while I have my office at the house, and much of my study is done at the house, I will work from the office here at Rivers of Joy as much as I can.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study was great. Good fellowship and a good study on the Doctrine of Sin. The video will be upload as we speak. Notes will be posted soon.

So until next time I will sign out, as the Reds lose to St Louis 13-0. The game ended at 3:45 p.m.