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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

Can I Say Its all Public

As the Web becomes more social, privacy becomes harder and harder to come by. People are over-sharing on Facebook and Twitter, broadcasting their whereabouts every ten steps on Foursquare and Gowalla, (which I do not have) and uploading photos and videos of their most private moments to the Web for all to see. It’s easy to say that privacy is dead, we all live in public now, and just deal with it. Gee I just posted 165 photos of our Christmas dinner. Goodness.
But things are a bit more complicated. It used to be that we lived in private and chose to make parts of our lives public. Now that is being turned on its head. We live in public, like the movie says (except via micro-signals not 24-7 video self-surveillance), and choose what parts of our lives to keep private. Public is the new default..
I don’t particularly care for the neologism, but the idea behind it is spot on. This change represents a major shift in the social fabric, and it is only now just getting started. If you thought there was a lot of hair-pulling over privacy in 2009, just wait until 2010. Facebook’s new privacy policies which favor more public sharing, will be a big driver of this shift, as will the continued adoption of Twitter, which by its very design makes personal utterances public.
Only God will keep our sins private and forgive us when we ask.

Christmas 2009 with Family Photos

Amazing our Christmas time in Lexington, Ky with the family. Here are 167 photos of the time we had with the family. You should click on the View Button, it is cool for sure. What will be next in the way of tech.

Creation What A Wonderful Designer in God

Creation of God's Universe Is So Wonderful.
Wednesday Night Bible Study
Rivers of Joy Baptist Church
Minford, Ohio
Since March 11, 2009 we have been studying God's creation and Genesis chapter one, two and three. What a great study. Notes and outlines and video of the messages are on this website and my other websites.

Union Mills Bakery Christmas 2009


Charity Whisnant and Debbie Blevins
Oh, Charity's grandchildren, Abby and Briley
The display at Union Mills

The Appeal for Obedience in the Christian Life

The Appeal To Live the Christian Life 1 of 3 from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.


  • (Phil 4:1;1 Corin. 4:14;1Peter 2:11) ( Phil 1:5,Phil 1:2


  • Phil 3:13-14, Proverbs 10:16; 13:4; Matthew 11:12,29; Luke 13:23-24; John 6:27-29, Romans 2:7; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 15:58; Galatians 6:7-9; 1 Thess 1:3, Hebrews 4:11; Hebrews 6:10-11, Hebrews 12:1, 2 Peter 1:5-10; 2 Peter 3:18; Philippians 2:19; Romans 13:11-14; 1 Corinthians 9:20-23; 2 Timothy 2:10

FOR IT IS GOD WHO IS AT WORK IN YOU: theos gar estin (3SPAI) o energon (PAPMSN) en humin: (Jeremiah 31:33, 32:38; John 3:27; Acts 11:21; Hebrews 13:21; James 1:16-1)



  • Just what does that mean “work out your salvation?”
  • Just how does the believer go about living out the Christian life?
  • Now that I have received this Gifted of Salvation how do I use this gift in living my life?

There ws a time that church pastors were theologians and speaking two hours in services.

Certainly you can approach any scripture in three ways:
1. Generally
2. Theologically
3. Practically

Any time we teaching we desire to give a clear and honest exposition, and fair explanation and to give our analysis of the text, in its contest as well.

It is true when Paul was written any of his letter, it was not a disquisition on theology, but rather to make a practical appeal. But as it was his style, he could not make a practical appeal without putting it in terms of theology.

The Apostle’s method in teaching the Christians a means of living the Christian life is the characteristic way of making an appeal for conduct and Christian behavior.

It is also true that the New Testament does not put us under the Law, but an appeal is made to us.

There is a great law in the New Testament, it’s called “the perfect law of liberty,” which means that Christian living has a higher kind of liberty, not a life of lawless living.The New Testament always lays down its DOCTRINE first, and then having done so, says….. If you believe that, cannot you see that this is inevitable? i.e. to be expected.

The Appeal to Obedience part 2 of 3 from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.

The Appeal To Live the Christian Life 1 of 3 from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.

Charles E. Whisnant Preaching and Teaching December 2009

Romans 1:17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written "BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH."

17For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, ‘The just shall live by faith.’

"For the gospel reveals how God puts people right with himself: it is through faith from beginning to end. As the Scripture says, 'The person who is put right with God through faith shall live.'
The righteousness of God in opposition to the righteousness of men
  • Philippians 3:9, Psa 71:15-16, Isaiah 45:24-25, Isaiah 53:11, Jeremiah 23:6, Jeremiah 33:21,22, Romans 3:21,22, Romans 4:5,6, ICorinthians 1:30, IICorinthians 5:21, Galatians 2:16, 2 Peter 1:1


SO THAT AT THE NAME OF JESUS EVERY KNEE SHOULD BOW: hina en to onomati Iesou pan gonu kampsei (3SAAS):

  • Gen 41:43, Isaiah 45:23-25, Mattthew 27:29, Romans 11:4, Romans 14:10-11, Ephesians 3:14, Hebrews 1:6, Revelation 4:10, Revelation 5:13-14

AND THAT EVERY TONGUE SHOULD CONFESS: kai pasa glossa exomologesetai (3SAMS):

  • Psalms 18:49, Matthew 10:32, John 9:22, John 12:42, Romans 10:9, Romans 15:9, 1 John 4:2, 15, 2 John 1:7, Revelation 3:5

THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD TO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER: hoti kurio Iesous Christos eis doxan Theou patros:

  • Psalms 110:1, Jer. 23:6, Luke 2:11, John 13:13, John 20:28, Acts 2:36, Acts 10:36, Romans 10:9-12, Romans 14:9,11, I Corin 8:6, I Corin 12:3, 1 Corin 15:47, John 5:23, John 13:31-32, John 14:13,23, John 16:14-15, John 17:1, 1 Peter 1:2


Genesis 3:16 “Unto the woman he said,” I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception;”
Sunday Morning in the Bible Study Fellowship time
I talked about the responsibility of the listeners and how they can better listen to the messages.

Preaching The Word

ex-po-si-tion: [ek-spuh-zish-uhn] n. Explanation; interpretation; a laying open the sense or meaning of the Author of any passage of Scripture.

Although our motives may be good and holy, sometimes our methods of preaching may not be equal to the task. Many contemporary voices are calling for us to replace preaching with other methods of communication that are supposed to be more ‘relevant’ to today’s culture. We are told that the only way for people to listen to preaching anymore is to offer people the kinds of messages that speak to their immediate felt needs and to avoid theology and doctrine.

How this method is presented may be different. Spurgeon preached on verses, it seemed and he was powerful. What was powerful was the Word and not Spurgeon. Where the Word is powerful the man is not the power.

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church Christmas Day,.

The introduction to the message I spoke from Romans 1:1:17

December 13, 2009 at the Rivers of Joy Baptist Church was a great day. Charity and I had a Christmas Dinner for the members, and they provided the cake.

Now I spoke in the Adult Bible Study hour on responsibility of those who hear the message.

Then in the 11 a.m. service. A good song service. Then I spoke from Romans 1:17

Romans 1:17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed (3SPPI) from faith to faith; as it is written (3SRPI), "BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE (3SFMI) BY FAITH."

Now I thought I could finish the verse. Just one verse. But after 44 minutues I had addressed "For in it the rightesousness of God."
I will post the message on Vimeo later today. And the outline of the message will be post as well.


For the gospel reveals how God puts people right with Himself: it is through faith from beginning to end. As the Scripture says, "The person who is put right with God thrugh faith shall live."

The Gospel, then, is the ulltimate expression of God's commitment and power to reclaim the world. What happen in the Fall in Genesis, and Satan believed he had won over humanity through Adam andEve. God in Genesis 3:15 states that He would bring defeat to Satan's idea, and bring about redemption to the human race through Jesus Christ who is the Gospel.

Our study on Wednesday Night, and on Sunday Morning in the book of Romans.

My Prayer for Tiger Woods and Family

I like the New York Yankees because the win. 27 and counting.
I like the Dallas Cowboys because the win, (except in December)
I like Tiger Woods because he wins over 85 world wide.

When I say I like these teams and persons, I like them for their game, not their personal lives.

Over the years I have tried to follow those who give a testimony that they have been born again. There are a few over the years. But at the same time, if you follow sports, there are few who are really Believers.

I buy products for the collection sake, like NASCAR. I certainly do not believe they are Christian products.

When I follow a person, its for their sports ability not their personal lives.

As a matter of fact, in following some Christians preachers, I find myself disappointed. But there are some who I follow because of their preaching and teaching of the Word.

Now back to Tiger Woods. Here is what I hope we all learn.
  1. If you're never been to Sin City, its wise to do a little bit of research before you go.
  2. Do not go to Argentina. "I spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina," SC governor said.

  • I don't know anything personally about their spiritual condition, but I'm praying that this event will provide the opportunity for this young couple to experience God's amazing grace. I'm praying that God will place someone in their path who can share with them the only One with the power to forgive sin and grant a brand new start. I'm committed to pray that:
- their marriage will survive. God hates divorce.

-- the children will be protected from the media circus that surrounds this couple.

-- Tiger will become a better man as he goes through this process.

Over the years, I've watched as Tiger has transformed his swing and emerged a better golfer. In this instance, he won't be able to bring the needed transformation simply by the exertion of will power. However, God is able to transform man completely and to bring good out of terrible tragedy.

And the only way one can become a better person, is to have the righteousness of God given you you by God's grace alone.

Wouldn't it be great if God would bring salvation into the life of Tiger and his family.

Charlie Brown's friend had it right about Christmas

Our newest granddaugher, a week after she was born

Uncle Chad Whisnant was having a little fun. Kyle and Brittney love their little baby girl. Of course Charity and I do too. So do Uncle Eric, and Aunt Becky.

The Promise Within The Curse of Satan 5 and 6

The Outline of the lesson from The Promise Within The Curse of Satan.
This verse is an astounding statement that has some wonderful truths that I hope to open up to you tonight.
While those in the Old Testament times didn’t understand completely what was meant in this verse, we who now have the full revelation of scripture understand the meaning of this verse.
In Genesis 3:15 theologians have seen here the first glimmer of the gospel.
Within the curse of Satan, God cannot restrain Himself from placing in that curse the essence of His grace.
• Perhaps part of the explanation is that pride, the worst and most evil of all sins, has blinded Satan to reality. Two Old Testament passages (Isaiah 14:12-15) and Ezekiel 28:11-19) furnish a picture of Satan's original position and the reasons for his loss of that position. They tell of an exalted angelic being, one of God's creatures, who became too proud and ambitious. He determined to take the throne of God for himself. But God removed him from his position of great dignity and honor. As a result of his original status and authority, Satan had great power and dignity. So great is his strength that Michael the archangel viewed him as a foe too powerful to oppose (Jude 9)
• I’m going to make you the enemy of the woman.
• You are not going to have your way with that woman.
• You’re not going to have your way.
• She’s not going to be the friend of Satan and the enemy of God.
• I’m going to change that.
• And in “the woman,” He is also encompassing the man as well.
“I am going to put (the) enmity between you and the woman.”
• That is a promise that the woman, who has become the enemy of God and the friend of Satan, is going to turn and become the enemy of Satan and the friend of God.
• This is the first spark of the gospel. The first indication of Salvation

The Promise in the Curse of Satan 5 of 6 from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.

The Promise in the Curse 6 of 6 from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.

The Promise within the Curse of Satan from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.

The Promise in the Curse of Satan 4 of 6 from Charles E. Whisnant on Vimeo.

Part five and six I will post on Tuesday. The full outline will be posted on GROWBYLEARING.com

and also here Charles E space on Window live



To keep Christ active in us, is to keep before us His Word. The daily intake of His Word is the best resource we have to keeping the line of communication with Christ going.

There are several ways of keeping His Word before us.
  1. Reading the Bible daily.

    2 Listen to the audio of the Bible reading.

  2. Reading and listening to the Word being preached.

As a pastor/teacher I love to teach the Word of God. Its a passion of my life now for 45 years.

Through the medium of the websites we are able to put our video sermons on them. We are able to put our sermon notes and outlines on the websites.

When I put out the weekly outlines of our sermons I use Microsoft Office. And I am able to put those outlines as seen on Microsoft on the website. How cool is that? Real cool.

For example the website ChurchCloud allows me to post those sermons on their website. I am a little behind in this website, but will catch up soon.

Of course I can do the same on the other websites that I have. You can find those website in the side bar on this website. Its just amazing.

The point being, the websites provide the means where you can download outlines and sermons, the websites allows you to listen to video messages of sermons and lessons. Now that is so great.

So course, this process requires you have a good computer, and the ability to listen to the videos.

In your own home you can listen to the Word of God. Try it. You might be blessed.



1 Sermons will not be marked by authority and power unless they are marked by truth that the Holy Spirit can honor. The word of God is to be exegeted and explained. That has to be the heart of the sermon. There is a real danger that we become over concerned about such things as delivery, while the New Testament is insistent on the content: "let him speak as the oracles of God." The authority of the preaching comes from the text of Scripture. It is God-given power which honours His own words.

What we must do is to be a man who is absorbed with the glory and the greatness of the truth. A preacher lives in the truth. As long as I am breathing I need to read through the whole Bible at least once a year, in a personal devotional way. I need to continue to read theology, learn theology.



The preacher not only is preaching the Bible but he becomes part of the truth. While the less one says about himself the better, but at the same time the Holy Spirit does not work in preaching except through the man, and so, inevitable, not only does the message compel attention but the man himself. The man becomes a part of the message.

1 The preacher must know the power of the message he is bringing to others. In other words while I preach from Romans 1:15-16, if I don't believe there is power in the Gospel, I don't need to be preaching the message of the Cross and the Resurrection and the Rapture.

I can testify that I know the power of the truth in my own life, and heart. That is the testimonly that I know that the Lord has allowed me to preach the Word of God.

When I am preaching on just about any text in the bible, while I am studying the text, my heart is filled with the truth of the text. I often preach to myself before I ever speak to others.

The Holy Spirit must produce the feeling in the preachers' heart that must be in harmony with what the Spirit has breathed out. Paul writes, "knowingthe terror of the Lord we persuade men."

A most important part of preaching is exhortation. In preaching we move people to do what the are listening to, and to this end there has to be a felt consciousness in the preacher of the truth of what he is saying.

We have to bring our feelings into harmony with the stupendous nature of what we are saying. The man most used of God in their pulpits are those who know they had fallen far short of the wonder that should characterise the preaching.

2 I would say what I have learned that the more we become part of the message the more we forget ourselves. What is the main feeling, thought in the preacher? It should be love - to God and to man. IT is the very opposit of self centredness. Love seeks not his own. The needs of the people spoken to tak over.


The Movie Twilight.

Mormon Vampires in the Garden of Eden

Twilight, the movie: vampires, werewolves, romance, and magic

Since I am in the study of Creation on Wednesday Night, I came across a review of the movie TWILIGHT, which I haven't seen, or read the book, but I understand millions have, and saw that the Garden of Eden was one of the ideas behind the movie. Here below is a brief review of the motive.

A Good Fall (read the whole article)

This brings us back to the Garden of Eden. As mentioned above, Twilight is a romantic retelling of the story of Man’s Fall presented in the engaging and exciting wrappers of a romance and an international thriller. This may sound like a stretch, but consider the first book’s cover—a woman’s arms holding out an apple—and its opening epigraph—“But the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not taste of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17).

This isn’t, however, the story as Moses told it or as Christian saints and sages have understood it. As a Mormon, Mrs. Meyer departs from the traditional Christian understanding of that event, and the nature of her departure appeals to rather than repels her readers.

Christians understand Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God, their “original sin,” or Fall, as the beginning of man’s distance from God, a distance that man could not restore on his own, but that required the incarnation and sacrifice of a divine, sinless Savior to accomplish.

Mormons reject this interpretation. Not only do they hold the Pelagian view that human conscience and free will are sufficient for salvation, but they go a step further, asserting that, not only was the Fall not a bad thing, it was actually a good, even necessary thing for human salvation.

In some streams of Mormon tradition, Adam is, in fact, the finite God of earth (or the Archangel Michael), and Eve is his celestial wife from another planet. The Fall and expulsion from Paradise, according to this view, were necessary in order for Adam and Eve to marry and reproduce. “Celestial marriage” is a core ordinance for Mormon exaltation (salvation), and without the “Fall,” man could not take this important step in his progression from mortality to post-mortal life as a god in the Celestial Kingdom.

This is a remarkable departure from orthodox, creedal Christianity with respect to sexuality and understanding how human beings relate to God. In traditional Christianity, sexual continence is adopted by those who aspire to devote themselves more deeply to the things of God, while in Mormonism, sex within marriage is itself an edifying, even salvific, spiritual exercise. A “single Mormon” is something like a “square circle,” and monastic vocation a sacrilege.

Joseph Smith, Jr.’s doctrines of Eternal Progression and the sufficiency of human will and conscience also break with Christian tradition. Instead of man working in synergy with God to receive and be transformed by his grace, Mormonism advocates a can-do spirit of works, which, if performed in conformity with God’s teachings in the LDS church, will result in one’s drawing ever nearer to God in this life and in the next.

How To Know Heresy from Error?

You can be in error over something you have said about scripture and not be a heretic. Even though an error of thinking can do pastorally damage and is wrong, but could be an honest error and not be heresy.

So What Is Heresy?

Michael Horton said this:
  • "any teaching that directly contradicts the clear and direct witness of the Scriptures on a point of salvific importance."

Well I would say that happens to even the most honest pastors and preacher. But I would not say they are heretic.

Harold O.J. Brown said this:

  • "Designated either a doctrine or the party holding the doctrine, a doctrine that was sufficiently intolerable to destroy the unity of the Christian church. In the early church, heresy did not refer to simply any doctrinal disagreement, but to something that seemed to undercut the very basis for Christian existence."

I would say that is closer to what I believe. Because we all have different points of view on almost all doctrine.

While Robert Sheeham talked about how in the New Testament there are five kinds of people who are in error.

  1. The sincerely ignorant.
  2. The sincere misinterpreter
  3. The temporarily inconsistent
  4. The deceived
  5. The deceivers

Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel Video

Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel 1 of 4 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Charles E. Whisnant, Pastor and Teacher at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio. From Romans 1:16 Charles brings a message. Part one of four. This 45 minute message will give you the reason why Paul and us should not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul Confidence in the Power of the Gospel 2 of 4 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Charles in part two works from Romans 1:15 For Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, which is the power unto salvation.


Eric and Leslie Thanksgiving 2008
Eric and Leslie Thanksgiving 2009 (almost)
Guess what this year 2009 we are grandfather and grandmother... Thanks Eric and Leslie
Kyle and Briley in November 2009 and I will post here a photo of Mom and Baby later
Kyle and Brittney Thanksgiving 2008
Kyle, Eric, Becky and Chad 2008

The New Arrival of a Grandchild

A new arrival on November 23, 2009. Kyle and Brittney. Brittney delivered a sweet baby girl.
A series of photos will be posted on my other website here

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church

This is the place we are serving the Lord. Rivers of Joy Baptist Church. In the year and four months the Lord and the people have allowed us to lay a biblical foundation that we believe the Lord is pleased with. Anytime you start over in a ministry you take the time to built a solid foundation.