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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

There Is No Place Like This Place

We would like to believe, you know?
We do love to preach and teach in this place
Bill loves to play and sing
This group of people seem to love to sing, hear and take notes

Now these deacons love their pastor and church

Psalms 88:1-7





Remember from June 2003 to 2007 I didn't work. (I was let go from PBC). Then thinking I was going to get a position at BC, I just waited. Several church offers came and went. Final in 2008 I had a position in a church only to be ask to step down a month later After a few years of working for the position, I was ask to resigned. I almost never resigned. Then Sherry called as asked me to work for her at Mex Itali.

But now that I am going to receive SS and have a great church who supports us, and Charity is doing well at Union Mills,

I am going to be more focus and less tired (I hope) doing what I really love.

This doesn't mean I spend more time, it means I can give my full attention to what I love to do anyway.

Of course I still help out at Union Mills
I still ride my John Deere
I still enjoy walking
Love taking videos and photos


For Me To Live Is Christ. Has always been and always will be.

Philippians 1:21

I am afraid my high school friends would say that I was all church ministry. My girl friends would say I like working at the church than going out on a date. Even on a date I would be at a church activity. From age 14 I was involved in some activity at our church, where my Dad was the pastor. When my Dad died in 1966 I was the Youth Pastor of our church and we had over fifty in our class. Almost each day I was with the kids and doing some kind of church activity. Than I was reading a lot of books, love writing, and loved teaching and preaching and loved learning.

While I loved sports, Don and I played sports at school, but the primary desire was to be at the church. We played almost every day that was possible playing football, and baseball, either in our back yard or somewhere with a group of kids.

My focus was always and is still the Work of the Lord.

I love marriage, I love my children, and now my grandchildren, I like NASCAR, Hot Wheels, Baseball, and Hot Apply Pie. I like my 855 John Deere, and walking. And I like google, firefox, kodak, quick time, microsoft, and aol.

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol?

The Use of the Bible in Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"By Dillon Burroughs

Disclaimer: This book is a novel and should be treated as such. Whether the author, Dan Brown, agrees or disagrees with the views of his characters is a completely different story. You can investigate Dan Brown and/or his works at danbrown.com.
This information is provided as a personal analysis of the times the word “Bible” is mentioned in The Lost Symbol. It is based on a keyword search of the e-book version after having read the entire book in its context. As such, it is certainly imperfect and clearly biased (I am personally an evangelical Christian seeking to understand the influence of this book on culture.).
However, it will be helpful to readers, pastors and otherwise, interested in what is said about the Bible in this The Lost Symbol.
  • A call to search the Bible for hidden meanings and allegorical interpretations: Chapter 111: “The prophecy of the Apocalypse is just one of the Bible’s beautiful messages that has been distorted.” The context later discusses that the “real” meaning of the Bible is allegorical rather than literal, a so-called hidden knowledge that sounds very closely related to Second-Century Gnosticism.
[On a side note, The Lost Symbol includes much information on Freemasonry. Though beyond the scope of this article, there is much to investigate on this i





Photos from Sunday September 20 2009

There Is No Day Off on Monday

For me to live is Christ.
Having spend a week getting ready for Sunday and teaching and preaching three times I am now getting ready for the next week messages. There is no time to get lazy.

Sunday Bible Study time I spoke on "How Accurate Is The Bible."

  • I will post the notes, and the video of about nine minutes. But the lesson was over 50 minutes.
Sunday Morning the message was from Romans 1:2 "...Which He Promised Beforehand Through His Prophets in the Holy Scriptures..." Paul answers the question of the Jewish leaders that he is not teaching a new teaching, he is teaching that which was taught from the beginning.

  • The message video was 32 minutes. I will upload and post and post the notes.

Sunday Night the message was from Philippians 2 "A Bibical Theology of Thinking". How does a church attain unity of attitude?

  • The message video is 51 minutes in length.

Last Wednesday Evening I spoke on the subect "What Is Sin?" part one and

  • The video is 59 minutes in length and will need to be posted.\]]

In addition I have some photos of the Sunday Bible Class, also a video of Bob Temple leading in a song.

So let me see, 150 minutes of sermons, and 15 upload on Vimeo at about 3 hours per upload. Well I better get to work.

Anything Almost But Dull Please

I would hate to have this sign 1/4 mile from Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, or even Union Mills Bakery. Wouldn't you? Anything but dull please.

  • Not enough passion, not enough swinging for the fences not enough trying to change the world.

"There were too many people building safe businesses, too many companies just trying to make existing things slightly better, and too many people wanting to be the next Mint.com, not the next Google."

And I am afraid that too many of our independent Baptist churches are too dull to attend. I do not like dull.

To succeed in our church or to fail could be because we either have meaning in the world or we are so meaningless in the world in terms of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We either have the ability to have meaning to our fellowship of believers where they can grow spiritually as a person or it's so dull that they hate getting 1/4 of a mile to our church.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Words of Christ can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Yet too often the communicating of the message is so dull.

The problem in trying to communicate the message of Christ, and trying not to be dull, and trying to make a difference, and wanting to have a crowd at our churches, we often miss the point of why we have a Church.

Trying to be KJVish, and independent Baptist-ish, we often are dull. (a better word then dead).

Trying to be like the world is bad.

Going to Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg Virginia a couple of years ago, when they opened the new church building, we drove into the parking lot, and it was anything but dull. We walked into the foyer of the building, it was anything but dull. And we walked into the Bible study and the Bible teacher's presentation and lesson was anything but dull. There was not a dull moment.

Can you have an atmosphere that is passionate, fun, enjoyable, and a place of worship that is pleasant to be there? I believe we should.

I don't believe you need the stage and production of "Who's Got Talent" or the stages that some of the mega churches have, but anything but a dull building and a dull atmosphere.

Yet the purpose is not to have a great atmosphere or a great building, but communicating the Gospel of Christ and building lives of people to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind.

Communicating The Message For Spiritual Growth

I am always trying to find ways to communicate with our church membership and friends. I am trying to learn how to use the social networking and web sites and the resources on the Internet to communicate.

Of course when you have an older group of people, they don't have the Internet. Some have the Internet but do not have DSL. We are living in a new fast communication age aren't we. Some have a computer but do not know how to use it. Some have an email but do not use it. Some will sign up for Facebook, etc, and never use it. Some of course don't have the time, nor believe all this is necessary. Come just have to be encouraged to try a new ways of communicating. And you also have to find different ways to commuicate too.

Each week I give out an outline, a full two to four page paper (more than an outline) of the message or lesson that I am going to speak on. And I encourage them to keep them in a three ring notebook binder.

I am learning ways to take those outlines and papers and post them on the website. Some churches have their website to do all this. The website will have a video of the message, and outlines of the messages. And that is great. Maybe the best way of doing all this communicating.

The main purpose is to strengthen Believers in the Lord and building them up in Christ.
As look at many other websites I get all these ideas and then I start trying them out. That is why I have a few Bloggers and Websites and Soical Networking, and use a number of other forms to communicating.

It has been interesting how I can take one of our outlines and in several ways put them on our websites. I am sure its an over kill, but I am trying to learn the best way to use this material.

So while I am primarly trying to reach our church membership and commuicate, I also like to keep in touch with our friends.

Of course we can't compete with David Jeremiah, and Charles Stanley, and Church Swindoll, and John MacArthur, and John Piper and a dozen other good ministry. And I love to get their material and read myself. I would highly say they are some of the best material. I love watching them and listen to their messages and watch there services.

But at the same time, we do have our church live each week. There is no live feed from one of these churches. John Piper has three campus churches where his message is feed live to these campus each week. One church has over 100 locations where the message is feed live to a location each week. I guess we could put up a TV HD set in the church and watch one of these men.

But at the same time, those in our church need us to do our best too. The personal touch of ministry.

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church Minford Ohio

Asso. Pastor Bill Bower, Asst. Johnny Edwards, Bob Temple
Elder Bill Aldridge, Pastor and Teacher Charles E. Whisnant

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio

Why People Like RIvers of Joy Baptist Church

Wednesday Night Bible Study and Fellowship at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, Minford Ohio

I know you might believe its all about the teaching that people come on Wednesday Night. I am sure if there were no teaching some still would come, but in general people come to be taught the Word of God. Yet its not the soul reason they come. They love the fellowship.

Wednesday night has turned into Bro. Bill Bower playing and sing with the guitar and Bob Temple leading some songs. We seem to have a good time. What I really like is the enjoyment we seem to have, and the length of time we hang around after the service.

Its true that I do teach at length, most of the time about 50 to an hour of intense teaching on a specific study. I do give out extensive study notes each week and do record video and audio of the lessons.

We do tend to have inter action from the folks, that is good. I love the interaction and responses we get from each one.

I do believe we love each other and there is a likedminedness in the fellowship.

Do I believe if you have a great sermon people will come to hear you? No. In this day and age that is not necessary going to happen.

Maybe too many people have bought into the TV format of entertainment. Unchurch people don't go to church because of sin and a lack of love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and they use a number of reason why that is true.

Christians don't go to churches because they can not find a church that fits their belief system. Or they simply don't believe they need what the church is offering.

But those who do come to Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, I believe are coming for a number of reasons:
1. They love the Lord first and foremost.
2. They love each other.
3. They love Charity.
4. They know how it was when they didn't like coming to church.
5. They know how it was when there was little harmony in the fellowship.
6 They know how it was when there was little effort put forth to have a service.
7. They are beginning to realize that the teaching of the Word of God is a good idea.
8. They are beginning to know that they have a pastor and wife who loves them.
9. They are realizing its not the pastor's church, its our church.
10. They know we have a great assoc. pastor, and a great worship leader, and a great musician and great deacons and elders, and workers and people who really love the Lord and each other.
11. We do have fun.
12. We don't use people to build the church, we use the church to build the people.
13. Our first priority is to Worship the Lord, build people up in the Lord, make disciples, teach the word, and try to reach out and reach people for Christ with the gospel of Christ.

Its now 11 p.m. I believe I will call it a day. My prayer is for God's wisdom to see His wisdom.

The Good News for the Bad News

Introduction to the Message from Romans 1 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Charles E. Whisnant, Pastor and Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, in Minford, Ohio. Part one from Romans on September 13, 2009. There are four parts to this message. Goodness. But vimeo have them, or you can go to GrowByLearning.com.

Introduction: Process of Translation

Introduction: Process of Translation from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Brief talk about how the translation of the original Greek to English is accomplished. Charles E. Whisnant, Pastor and Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford Ohio September 13, 2009


I am speaking Sunday September 13, 2009 The Only Good News to All The Bad News of Man is Jesus. Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, Minford, Ohio

Michael Jordan In The Hall of Fame 09


Creation of God's Handiwork Seen

What resemble dainty butterfly wings are actually roiling cauldrons of gas heated to more than 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The gas is tearing across space at more than 600,000 miles an hour -- fast enough to travel from Earth to the moon in 24 minutes!A dying star that was once about five times the mass of the Sun is at the center of this fury. It has ejected its envelope of gases and is now unleashing a stream of ultraviolet radiation that is making the cast-off material glow. This object is an example of a planetary nebula, so-named because many of them have a round appearance resembling that of a planet when viewed through a small telescope.

September 09, 2001 - 2009

SEPTEMBER 09, 2001

Charles E. Whisnant Outlines and Work

The above photo is my lay out of sermons and lessons from Wednesday and Sunday.

Well each day I am either on GrowByLearning.com. or the Cloud Sermon site which will give you several sermons I have taught. Or I am on Vimeo uploading Sunday's two message, and Wednesday's message.

One message of 40 to 45 minutes takes 4 10 minutes uploads.

Also I discovered how to put the outline of my sermons from by doc. online too. Here.

So we are having a great time with all this learning.

Called To Preach The Gospel Ministry

The Call To Be A Servant of Jesus Christ, 1 from charles e. whisnan t on Vimeo.

Charles E. Whisnant, Pastor/Teacher Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, part one from September 06 2009 from Romans One.

Do you know if God has "called" you into the ministry to preach/teach the Word of God? Well Romans 1:1-5 give us Paul's understanding on the subject. Here is the first part of the message I taught Sunday.

Pastor's Teaching Will Show Up

The Pastor's Preaching and Teaching Will Show Up

Maybe the delievery is not as clear as the content, but the content should be clear. Right? I will finish up soon this morning