Churches Worked In

Local churches I have worked in here: The last churches I worked in.  And note the links too. (Blue)

The photo of the churches are as they were at the time  we were in that church

 Roanoke Baptist Temple

A little history. A timeline. 

  1. Roanoke Baptist Temple in Roanoke VA, where my Dad: Everette Whisnant was the pastor and for 27 months I was the youth teacher until Dad died in February 1965
  2. Fellowship Baptist Church, Roanoke Va. Following my Dad death I went to this church until
  3. Bible Baptist Seminary  in Arlington TX, student from 1966 to 1969
  4. Grace Baptist Church, Fort Worth, I attended and taught the Youth class several times
  5. Southall Baptist Church, Danville, VA. After my first year at Seminary I came back for the summer and worked in this church as a Youth Pastor and Sunday Night Class Teacher
  6. Worth Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX, I worked in the youth class my second year.
  7. West Handly Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX as a youth teacher for six months by last year in seminary
  8. Gideon Baptist Church, Fort Worth TX My last year in seminary Charity and I joined Gideon and we help established the Bus Ministry and Charity and I established a Children's Church ministry, we were there for 42 weeks before we moved to
  9. Wooster Ohio.  
1970-1971 Youth Director
Eric was born in Wooster 1971
One of the best group of young people.

1971-74 Pastor/Teacher What an experience for sure.
1973-1974 Assco Pastor, Educational Director, Youth Director, 
We had a good group of young people, some great teachers in the Sunday School

We moved to Grapevine TX 
Worked at the First Baptist Church, Haltom City
Educational Director

Mansfield Baptist Temple, Mansfield Ohio
1974-1977  College and Career Teacher
We loved the young men and women in our class.
Pleasant Valley Ranch, Perrysville, Ohio
1975 Camp Director
What an experience, I had never been a camp director
lasted only one season.
1978-79  (Youth Pastor, Children Church Director, Bus Director
Liked the youth. Charity and I established the Children Ministry

We then moved to Crown Point, IN and 
Enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College
and First Baptist Church of Hammond

March 1980 to July 1996 Pastor/Teacher 
We had 16 years of ministry in this church and we loved the people so much. 

From here:
  We moved to Lexington KY in July 1996 unto 2001

                                            Ashland Ave Baptist Church, Lexington KY

Updated of Chad Project July 2014

From the front entrance looking straight back the tree truck was pushed back

This is the Chad Whisnant Project Update:  There has been come work done, but we want to clear this area a bit more

From right side looking out toward the entrance

This is looking from the inside toward the right

This is the front entrance to this project

Charles and Charity Whisnant Family July 2014

Eric and Leslie and Abby Whisnant
Chad and Heather and Tray and Trey

Kyle and Brittney and Briley

The Whisnant Camping and Trail Place

The Kyle View 2014
The Eric Project View
The Upper Trail 2 This is the 2014 project
The Trail 2

The Trails at the Whisnants

The Trail 

The Trail
The back site of the Trail
The Heather and Beaver Trail
The Camping Site
The Camping Site

Whisnant's Family Weekend Camping 2014

This Kick Ball game just about killed me.

Grandpa was finally able to carry Trey
Yes Grandpa I just love this hot dog bun

Whisnant Family 2014