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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

What Unbelievers Who Come To Church Want The Pastor To Say


People are looking for a place that will make them feel good about themselves in their sinfulness.
They are not looking for a place that can bring peace to their mind about their sinfulness.
Most people are looking for a place that they are made to believe that they are okay and they are going to heaven just like they are.
God loves them just like they are is a false statement.  God does not like us in our sinful state.
If you go on your feelings about your life you are certainly in trouble.
The truth of the matter, those who are Lost, Unbelievers, False Believers, Carnal in their living
do not want to come to a church where the word is been preached.
People come out of guilt, made to by a friend, family.
The fact is when there is no pressure they will not come to hear preaching and teaching of the Word.
God does care about all of His creation, and God's grace is graciously given to all of His creation
but that does not mean
that He loves people in their sinfulness
and their rejection of Him.
Read this clearly:
You might be acting as if you like the Lord
but all the while you are in your heart totally again God.
Preacher I will come to hear you speak for 15 minutes
Preacher I don't like teaching, I like something that is going to make me feel better about my self
that God is going to bring me $$$$$$$$

Valentine's Day Could Be Viewed As The Jesus's Day

I understand that the popular celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day was orchestrated by the greeting card companies.  Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance…..
Valentine’s Day use has made business at Union Mills bakery busy with all the cookies and cakes.  Close to 4,000 cookies have been made this week.
I know the history or some of it by reading the Wikipedia, which you can read if you would like.  Interesting story about the man named Valentine. 
The first time the day became associated with romantic love was in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.   Then in the 18th century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”) .
Remember from the first grade getting “valentines” for every one in the class.

Oscar Wilde is reported to have observed: “Everything in the world is about sex, except sex.  Sex is about power.”   Which is the same as to say that everything in the world is about power.  And Mr. Wilder was certainly right in his assertion, though he was right in a way he could not have imagined.
The reality is that we live in a world of symbol and sacrament, wherein everything points to something else.
John 4:7-14…
John 4:31-34
Mark 8:11-21
Hardly  are the blind given sight or the lame strength without the Lord perceiving deep spiritual significance in the act.
And when Jesus was on the edge of one of His greatest miracles of all, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, He is still not content to let the miracle merely stand on its own two feet.  But Jesus insists on making that act, too, a symbol of something greater: “I am the resurrection and the life” John 11:25.
Why it is, after all, that Jesus is so adept at teaching in parables, but that He sees life as supremely parabolic?  Were Jesus to respond to Oscar Wilde, we might imagine Him saying: “Obviously everything in the world is about sex, except sex.  Sex is about me.”
JESUS IS ROMANTIC: (If we might use that term in a good sense)
Everything in the world is surly about Jesus: every story in the Bible leads to Jesus, every event significant in proportion to its proximity to the great Event; every holiday, sacred or secular, is holy precisely became it is a day. And certainly romance is included in the scope of everything in the world that is about Jesus Christ the Lord.
Yes I said “romantic” and all that is included under that term belong to that divine lover (Biblical term if I might add)  Can I say that all the red roses, all the red cookies, all the red hearts, in a sense should be in symbol of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Christ is the One whom we should love and give our affection to the most)
All our affection toward Christ as He is the One who not only invites us to Himself, but by His Spirit sovereignly draws His beloved to Himself.
I know it seems to be a little uneasily with us to use the image of Christ as a romantic person. But if you will note we have been well instructed in its companion image of Christ as a husband from Ephesians 5.   Where we are informed of a marriage between us and Christ.  This romantic courtship is biblical if we just drop the worldly view of sex, and romance.  The intimacy that has so been blurred by the world, but in the spiritual sense is just what we as believers should have with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
Of course there is the Song of Solomon which is all about sex and romance and in a sense is a few of our true love for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Note if you will the romance of Jesus at the wedding at Cana,  see Jesus acts in a sense of Valentine, when He filled the empty cups with wine.  Some would say that the wine was really not important but only the wedding vows. But we must say that there is nothing secondary with what Jesus did that day.  Everything in the world is about Jesus. 
If we see deep enough, we see that Jesus sees the truth more clearly than anyone, He once again employs again that habit of seeing the world symbolically (a habit learned, no doubt, from the Father), as He perceives in the wedding feast a dim reflection of His own eternal romance.  This romance, will be seen in time with the reality of Jesus death on the cross and the price of our redemption paid for my the wine of the new covenant, His blood.
So maybe if we who are Believers who really love the Lord in a very special way, should see that maybe this event that we all seem to get caught up in, see it as a day that we might remember the romance that our Lord was engaged in when He God became man and lived and died and rose again for our redemption.
Hosea 2:14 “Behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.” That does sound like a little romance, don’t you think.
And February 14th this year of 2016 does fall on Sunday, and what a wonderful day to show a romance to a lovely Lord Jesus Christ. 

Grandkids February 13, 2016

Eric and Leslie's girl and Kyle and Brittney's girl

Macel Pate Falwell Tells the Real Story of Jerry Fallwell


Macel Pate and Delore Pate played and sang for Dad in the church and on Radio,.

Macel Pate Fallwell said in the video that the church she attended  the pastor had left (that would be my Dad) 

The    real story was that Macel Pate was playing the piano in the church Park Ave Baptist Church in Lyncbhurg VA. where my Dad was the Pastor. Dad left and went to Roaonoke. The church in Lynchburg got another pastor who was not very good. A group of people wanted to start another church. It is my understadning that my Dad was called to help out this group and start another church and they called it Thomas Road Baptist Church. 

History of Everette Whisnant, (Pauline Whisnant too)

February 07 2016 Charity and Charles were in the church at Dad started  with a good group of people and was the first Pastor in 1942 
Ashoboro N.C.
In 1942, with a church membership of 106, Rev. Everette Whisnant was called as the first pastor and the church was given the name of Ward Street Baptist Church. Today the church is called Fayetteville Street Baptist Church.
The church is doing great, and they have a great pastor:
Dad was an evangelist before he was a pastor. He and Johnny Johnes traveled wit hthis tent a number of times, and Dad was still doing this when I was born
Dad was an Tent Evangelist as late as the 1960's.  In this report it was in 1951 when Dad was pastor of the Orange Avenue Baptist Church in Roanoke VA. But he would set up a tent and whole at least two weeks meeting. 
When I was older I loved going to the lumber yard and getting truck loads of shaving for the Tent Meetings.

I like pens just like my Dad

Dad and his hat was a standard in the 40's until he died in 1966
Dad was not only like Tent Meetings, and start Churches but he love the Radio  WLVA  Lynchburg VA

WLVA was Lynchburg's first radio station, signing on for the first time at 7:00 PM on April 21, 1930 on 1230kHz (W Lynchburg, VirginiA). By 1934, WLVA was broadcasting at a power of 100 watts.[2] At a time when many local radio stations were owned by or affiliated with newspapers, WLVA was not; consequently, the station frequently found itself in direct competition with Lynchburg's papers. In 1934, WLVA allied itself with the Washington Herald which was attempting to increase circulation in the Lynchburg area. The Herald's Lynchburg correspondent, Nowlin Puckett, furnished local news on WLVA from August until December 1934.[2] In late 1934, WLVA experimented with rebroadcasting selected programs from station WLW (Cincinnati, Ohio). Most listeners in Lynchburg could not ordinarily receive WLW, but WLVA installed a special high-powered receiver on the outskirts of Lynchburg which it used to tune in WLW and re-broadcast the signal to Lynchburg listeners.[3]   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WLVA

The above churches
Top Right and Left:  Victory Baptist Church in Roanoke Virginia 1955
Middle Church:  Williams Road Baptist Church 1951
Bottom church:  Roanoke Baptist Temple on Airport Road 1962

Dad at Wake Forest Seminary in 1922, he is in this group some where. Dad would have been 17 or 18 years old
My Mom in here 80's. lived 44 years after Dad died.
Dad and Mom they were together for about 26 years in the ministry. Mom as as much apart of the ministry was Dad was.  Dad preached, Mom Played the music.
Too much usually is talked about the Precher, little about his wife, but I can say my wife and my Mom was as much apart of the ministry as Dad or me.
I do not know where this church was
Dad is on the left and Mom is on the Right side
Can not make out the radio station must have been in the 40's.
Always started the program with
"At Calvary"
Dad and Mom was on the National Radio in the 30's thur 1966 when dad died.

I have the photo . 
Macel Falwell before she was a Falwell, but a young lady that was a member of Dad's church in Lynchurg, Va. and her sister, and Mrs. Jim Moon before she was married to Jim. 

Tobacco Radio Network 1942 Everette Whisnant

Tobacco Radio Network was a radio network owned and operated by Capitol Broadcasting Company of Raleigh, North Carolina. Begun in 1942, the network was dedicated to educating and keeping farmers informed of the latest agricultural news, stories, and market standings. With the help of broadcaster Ray Wilkinson, the network went from being broadcast on one North Carolina affiliate to affiliates from Virginia to Florida. In the late 1940s, a sister station was formed called the Tobacco Sports Network, which carried North Carolina collegiate football and basketball. In 1959, the two networks were merged into the Tobacco Network and later that became the Capitol Agribusiness Network. In 1996, all of Capitol Broadcasting's radio networks were restructured and merged into the North Carolina News Network.

Trip to Ashoboro N.C. Ward Street Baptist Church 1942- 1945 to Fayetteville Street Baptist Church

February 07 2016 Charity and Myself (Charles Whisnant) drove to Ashoboro N.C. to visit the church that my father Everette Whisnant was the first pastor of the church in 1942.  It was my understanding by a member of the orginial church that Dad had held Tent Meetings and from that group a church was called into extending. 

This lady Mom and Dad was in the church at Ward Street Baptist Church back in 1942 and she said she remembered her Mom speaking of Everette.  When we told her our name, she said she remembered her Mom saying a lot about "Everette Whisnant."   
There were several others there. After the services another had said she had a photo of her setting on the pew at Ward Street Baptist Church.

The Pastor, Bruce was so friends and was so good to us that Sunday.

Everette Whisnant, Pauline Greene Whisnant Radio


Note that Mom is standing behind the mike that says Mutual Broadcasting System.
Mom must have been a teenager when she went to a Tent Meeting where Dad was preaching, and she want to be a part of the ministry.  And for the next few years starting working with Dad, and she learn to play the piano, and later they were married.
Dad was on Radio in the 30's. and was on Radio until he died in 1966.  The Voice of Calvary was the title of the Radio ministry.

The Mutual Broadcasting System (commonly referred to as simply Mutual; sometimes referred to as MBS, the Mutual Broadcasting Company, or the Mutual Radio Network; corporate name Mutual Broadcasting System, Inc.) was an American radio network in operation from 1934 to 1999. In the golden age of U.S. radio drama, Mutual was best known as the original network home of The Lone Ranger and The Adventures of Superman and as the long-time radio residence of The Shadow. For many years, it was a national broadcaster for Major League Baseball (including the All-Star Game and World Series), the National Football League, and Notre Dame football. From the mid-1930s and for decades after, Mutual ran a highly respected news service accompanied by a variety of popular commentary shows. Toward the end of its run as a major programmer, it introduced the country to Larry King.

The station was signed on in 1949 by the Raleigh News and Observer as WNAO-FM to simulcast sister station WNAO, 850 AM.[ The stations were sold to Sir Walter Television effective February 13, 1953.[4] In 1959 the station became WKIX-FM, simulcasting much of sister AM WKIX's top 40 format. This move was out of necessity as WKIX-AM's 10 kW signal was powered down to a directional 5 kW at night, preventing the station from having full area coverage. In 1972, WKIX-FM changed format to easy listening WYYD. The station became a satellite MOR station in 1983 and two years later changed its letters to WYLT ("Lite 96.1"), playing soft adult contemporary music.

The Preachers from a Fellowship Preachers meeting:  My Dad is in the last row last one on the right, 

Everette Whisnant, The Bee Danville Va. May 1951

My Dad Everette Whisnant, was an Pastor, Preacher,  Evangelist for over 44 years as far as I know.
One of the places he was ask to preach was the Baptist Tabernacle In Danville, Virginia