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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

How To Stay Calm In Ministry

Being a pastor/teacher of a church of any size can become at times frustrating. Wonder why?

Reading Cal Habig post he talked about the frustration that pastors sometimes have with ministry.

Usually what happens is we believe the ministry should be going a certain direction and getting there fast. But the problem occurs when it doesn't.

While in previously churches that I have been the pastor, it seemed the ministry was moving real fast. People were coming and we were growing, and visitors were coming, and people were growing in the Lord.

In our present ministry, after two years, it seems in a scene been two years. And as I look at the ministry I think, how long is this going to take to take off and grow and build?

It does seem to be hard at times for us to recognize and cope with fact that delays may be of God. As we all have said, "God's timing" is the key. But we don't like to hear that.

There seems to be a "gap" as Ted Engstrom has said, "what we think should be done first and what w can actually do." You know what we can actually do, and what we think we should be doing.

What are goals and objectives are verses what our ability to move the resources needed are on two different levels.

Charity has said, "You know we are a older congregation and we can only do so much, we need some younger people to accomplice our goals. " And Charity is right.

So do I want growth first as a priority or do I want to build up the people in Christ first?

Do I want to do God's Work in God's Way first? Yes. Therefore I must continue to do those things that are going to honor the Lord and He in His time if He so desires to accomplish His purpose in His time. I only want to see that sooner than he does.

Pauline Whisnant 1922 - 2010

Gary and Sandra Corell from Roanoke Virginia, and Joyce (Cooper)
Charity, April and Buddy Cooper and Bro. Sloan
April Williams and Chad Whisnant
Becky Whisnant and April Williams
Ellen my sister and Kyle Whisnant
I lot of friends would have come, had they known earlier about coming to Roanoke for the memorial service. Mom lived in Roanoke Virginia, then Danville, Virginia, then Porstmouth Ohio, then moved to Texas. Mom and Dad were in Lynchburg Virginia and had a lot of friends.

These two ladies have known Mom and Dad for ever. Which means they have known me my whole life.

So have SANDFORD AND REBA ARRINGTON KNOW Mom and Dad for a long time.

I also learned today that Mrs. Kermit Hall and daughter Glenna Hall Holley were in the service. They knew Dad and Mom years ago. Winston Hall knew Dad and Mom, he is the son of Mrs. Hall. He wrote me to tell me. Isn't that great.

Pauline Whisnant Family at the Cementry

 April:  (photo by Ellen)
 Charles: (photo by Ellen)
 Ellen and April
 Ellen and  April and Becky and Ella
Family Photo:  From April's Cam.  taken by Brian Williams

Eric Whisnant, and Abby, Stephen, Chad, Becky, April, Ellen, Charles, Charity, Eric, Leslie

Charles e. Whisnant and family

I didn't take but a few photos. Rev. Jim Moon spoke at Mom's funeral, and he did a wonderful service.

Simple, laid to rest, and well loved.
I really do not like the idea that a funeral is necessary a celebration. I was really not ready to celebrate Mom's death. I thought I would have, after all she was 88 and I am 62. But I realize that I missed Mom as much or even more at my age than maybe at a earlier age.
I can celebrate later, knowing she loved the Lord, but now I am just sad.

As I told Charity, went I died, please don't celebrate too much at first. Yes I am in heaven, but it would be nice to made people believe you are sad that I am gone.

There were some old time friends at the funeral. Wayne Sanders who was my child hood friend and we went to high school together as well. His parents came to Dad's church on Indiana Ave in Roanoke Virgina. Jimmy and Eddie were his brothers. Leroy and Mary were his parents. We had a good visit with Wayne, and then we went by on Sunday to visit with his mother. I wished I had taken more pictures of those present. Margie Pugh and her dear mother came. Buddy Cooper and his sister Joyce came. Gary and his wife Sandra Cordell long time friends. And Sanford and Reba Arlington, and his sister came. I know I will remember others later I am sure. Oh Barbara Campbell, (more latter as I remember.

Dad died in 1966 and Mom was buried next to him. Of course both are in Heaven.
My sister Ellen, who was MOM's care provider for 13 years. She did a wonderful wonderful job with Mom. You know if myself or my brother had taken Mom in to our home, in which we were willing, but you know it would have been our wives who would have done most of the caring. I don't cook, you know. And Mom did need three meals a day. There is no way that I could have personally done what Ellen did. Ellen took on the care of Mom full time. We could not have done that. We would like to thank we could have done what Ellen did, but its only wishing we could have. I personally want to thank my sister for her caring of Mom.

April has taken a lot of photo and I am hopeful that I can post some there on my blogger later.

Mom was laid to rest Saturday July 24, 2010 in Salem Virginia

Pauline Whisnant

Ellen and Mom
April and MOM

The hands of MOM and Ellen and Ella

Our MOM passed away on Wednesday night. We are very thankful for my sister Ellen for the care she has given MOM over the last ten plus years.She has been there for Mom in her home and fixed Mom three meals a day. MOM was always hungry. Ellen has cared for MOM in every possible way. Ellen's son Stephen has been there too. MOM loved him so much.

We were able to see Mom in April 2010, as our annual trip to Ellen's home to visit Mom on her 87th birthday. I know it is sad to see your Mom once a year.