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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

My sister Ellen sent me this letter by e mail, she gave me permission to post it. She is married has a daugther married and has three children, and a son who is is senior this year.
  • First, in my email to some friends and family I posted a ChristianityToday description of the movie American Gangster. One person responded and said it was offensive and any caring parent would not take their children to see a R rated movie. Then suggested that I mention another movie that parents should not let their childen see.
  • Another e mailed me and said "Do you really believe that parents will be tempted to take their children to see this film?" And several other good comments that should be address in another post.
  • HERE is my quesitons: Do Christians go to R rated movies, or buy R rated CD DVD, etc. or watch them on TV? You are kidding right! Of course they do.
  • You might in your rightesousness say, "They are not Christians." That would be quite judgemental.
  • For most of my ministry up to 1982 felt it was my position to tell people not to go to a movie of any kind. While I do not go to a movie I do watch movies on TV.
  • Nevertheless the issue is Christians, saved believers, do go and their children, sons and daughters will go with them or without them, or without their permission.
  • Thisweekend American Gangster made $46 million. No Christian person went to the movie! Sorry about that. Denzel Washingon was recently mention as the # one Christian in Hollywood. Okay what is your definition of a "Christian?"
My point is just to infom Christian parents about this movie, since my sister mention it to me.
Friends and Family,
I don't even know where to begin to express what I am feeling currently. I know I should not be shocked by much of anything these days.

Some of you are not movie goers, but ALL of us know people who are. We need to make ourselves aware of what is going on in our own backyards whether we ever go out and mow the lawn or not. The weeds will grow and eventually take over. This is exactly what Dr. Falwell and Dr. Dobson warned us about...they stepped out and made a difference in our broken down world. It is up to us to do our part on a daily basis. We can make a difference.
All that to say and warn you of the new movie out today, American Gangster with Denzel and Russell. PLEASE be aware and sober before you step into that scene. While I admit I do like them both as actors coupled with the fact that I love movies based on true stories, I was hoping it would be a good movie. I knew it would not be Mayberry RFD, but I didn't expect it to be Sin City either.Most of you were probably not going to see it as it is rated R, but there are those that will/ would. And many of our young people will be tempted.

I usually ck out Pluggedinonline.com (Focus on the Family site for movies) but recently I have not found what I was looking for in completion on that site. They do review R rated movies and even ones I would have not thought they would. Not that Dr. Dobson views or promotes them...he without question doesn't.

Anyway, while we all have our own perspectives on what we should or our children should or should not see, I would be shocked to know that we would not all be on the same page with Amer. Gang.

With that sd about Plugged In, I have been also looking at a site address kidsinmind.com , so please check it out. I did not see Amer Gang on Plugged In as they have not reviewed it yet, but kids in mind has. Wow. And I thought IN the Valley of Elah was bad?????? A.G. makes Valley of Elah look like an old Walt Disney. A.G. should be rated X . Read the review on K.I.M. and tell me you don't agree!
Also, I find it interesting that in the newspaper AG is advertised R for violence, and sexual
content. NO mention of the strong language and FULL repeated nudity..to put it mildly.
According to K.I.M. profanity is rated about 10 (1-10 being the scale from good to bad). But the sexual content was unbelievable. I have seen a lot of the ads at the show, tv, etc on A.G. and no clue was given that it would be this toxic. I hesitate in even asking you to read it.
I know there will be people who will go without checking it out first. I have that t-shirt. Many of them are going to be exposed to visuals they never expected that may linger in their minds.
And not to pick on our men, but remember they are" visual" and I know God has not purposed for our husbands and sons to see what the big screen is about to put before them. As women we are responsible as well and are to be as guarded.
Many of our Christian brothers and sisters view R rated movies. PLEASE get the word out if you have not already about A.G.'s step into the abyss.

I just read recently where Denzel said family is the more important than acting, or anything. I personally think he is a seasoned actor, maybe some day he will be as versed in playing in movies he would want his family/children to see. Too, I know recently he was a part of an audio made of the OT. He and his wife portrayed the part of Bible characters. Now I can't remember if they were Ruth and Boaz or some other married couple. Anyway, I remember thinking that was pretty neat. God's Word does not come back void and we are responsible for what we know...so when he faces The Father in Heaven , he will have to answer.
Concerned but hopeful,