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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio


It’s not necessarily imperative to know who this person is. The point is not to try to figure out if someone living today is this person. The spirit of antichrist has been and will continue to be in the world until Christ returns. The point is to live the Christian life in view of our loving Savior and Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking upward to the coming of Jesus Christ.
  • But with that said, I love theology, and I love the Word of God. And if the Word of God speaks on a subject I love to study the subject.
  • This brief post is that only, brief in nature. Volumes of material have being written on this subject.,There are a number different points of view about the End Times of History.
  • My personal position on the interpretation of Scripture comes from a progressive revelation of the Bible.

A brief understanding of the Progressive Revelation Position: will come in the next post.

  • God did not reveal all truth at one time, but through out history. The truth that Adam had was not as fully as Moses, etc.
It is legitimate to have an investigation in this matter of the term of Antichrist. First we need to understand what the term means. Where do we find the term Antichrist in the Bible? I have heard all my life of 60 years this idea of the Antichrist. I have preached and taught for over 40 of those sixty years. Let us take a look at what the Scriptures teach about this Anti Christ.

First the word is found only in John’s Epistles of the many anti-christs who are forerunners of the Antichrist himself 1 John 2:18, 22 and 2 John 7 of the evil power which already operates anticipatively of the Antichrist: 1 John 4:3 The term anti-christ, one who is against Christ or instead of Christ. or maybe, combining the two. "one who, assuming the guise of Christ" (Westcott).

The understanding of the term is of an arch opponent of God and the Messiah. The term means against rather then instead of. The idea is that Anti christ opposes Christ.


In the O.T. there is really no complete portrait of Anti Christ but it does furnish us with materials for the picture in descriptions of personal or national opposition to God.

BELIA. The term "sons of or men of Belial" used to describe those for their wickedness.

Example: those of evil speech Proverbs 6:12. Those who the good shun in Psalms 101:3

FOREIGN ENEMIES: Opposition to God’s kingdom is opposition to him. The nations’ vain plot against the Lord’s anointed king in Psa. 2. There is the idea in the O.T. of those who are for ever trying to frustrate the plan of God throughout the O.T.

THE LITTLE HORN. This rebellion is symbolized in Daniel’s little horn. Chapter 7 the more eschatological, seems to depict the defeat of God’s final enemy, while chapter 8 describes Antiochus !V Epiphanes (175-163 B.C.) the foreign ruler most hated by the Jews because of his personal wickedness and ruthless persecution of their religion.

The portrait of this "king of the north" Daniel 11, the personification of evil, has helped significantly to shape the N.T. figure of Antichrist:

  • He abolished the continual burnt offering and erected the abomination of desolation in the temple: Daniel 11:31, Matt 4:15, Mark 13:14 and Rev 13:14-15.
  • He exalted himself to the position of deity: Daniel 11:36-39; 2 Thess 2:3-4,

  • His helpless death points to Christ slaying of the "lawless one": Daniel 11:45, 2 Thess 2:8 and Rev 19:20

The beast from the sea in Rev 13:1 recalls Daniel’s 7:3,7 and strengthens the link between Daniel’s prophecy and the N.T. account of Antichrist.


THE GOSPELS: References to Christ’s opponent are neither numerous nor specific. The disciples are warned that false Christs will attempt to deceive even the elect. Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22. Christ Himself speaks of one who is to come in his own name, whom the Jews receive John 5:43. This could be a veiled reference to Antichrist or to any false Messiahs who present themselves to Judaism.

A Single evil personality may be in view, but his portrait is not even sketched..

Paul does give a clearer picture of Christ’s archenemy, whose outstanding characteristic is contempt of law. This person is described by two names. "man of lawlessness" (0r man of sin) and "the lawless one." 2 Thess 2:3 and 8-9. Here it seems to stress this anarchistic attitude, as in Daniel 7:25, where the little horn tries to change the times and law. Note also the Antichrist makes the exclusive claim to deity 2 Thess 2:4, in terms indicative of Daniel 7:25 11:36.

This Antichrist deceives many by wonders: 2 Thess 2:9-10. He will work miracles by satanic power, and many will worship him as God.
One of Antichrist’s names: "son of perdition" 2 Thess 2:3 cf John 17:12, reveals his destiny: Christ will slay him by his breath and the brightness of his appearing: 2 Thess 2:8, Rev. 19:15, 20, cf. Isa. 11:4.

John’s letters gives attention to many antichrists.

Now John’s account complements rather than contradicts Paul’s teaching. Following Daniel, Paul characterizes a single archenemy, who claims the right to personal worship. John stresses the spiritual lie which made Antichrist seemingly strong.

The Apocalyptist’s beast of Revelation 13 is in view of Daniel, and combines the characteristics of all four O.T. beasts. If you will note the beast of Revelation 13 has an authority belonging only to the little horn of Daniel’s beast. How I remember teaching Daniel twice at FBC in Altoona, Kansas. There is much more detail here about the beast of Revelation 13, that would take a lot of time. There seems to be implied this antichrist embodied in the kingdom. He seems to be more than a person, which he is, but part of seven heads that are seven kings. Rev. 17:10-12. Whereas the beast himself is the eighth king. As I have taught Revelation in every church I have pastored. (or started to) Madison, FBC and even Second Baptist.
So you take Daniel’s beast, Paul’s beast, and John’s beast in Revelation, you have a picture that suggests a wordly power, an anti-God spirit of nationalsitic ambition.
It’s not necessarily imperative to know who this person is. The point is not to learn who he is.
  • The point is not to try to figure out if someone living today is this person. You might think a number of people throughout history have the description of an antichrist spirit who opposes God’s laws and wants to rule the world by himself.