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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

Some Events for Sunday May 31

Great article to read.
LONDON (May 31) -- Millvina Dean, who as a baby was wrapped in a sack and lowered into a lifeboat in the frigid North Atlantic, died Sunday, having been the last survivor of 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic.

She was 97 years old, and she died where she had lived — in Southampton, England, the city her family had tried to leave behind when it took the ship's ill-fated maiden voyage, bound for America.
Dean mother died at 99 years old always reticent about the tragedy, died in 1975 at age 95.

Dean just over 2 months old when the Titanic hit an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912. The ship sank in less than three hours.

Dean was one of 706 people — mostly women and children — who survived. Her father was among the 1,517 who died.

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, Minford Ohio May 31, 2009

  • Our Bible Study time was good: Children's Class with Charity Whisnant, Youth/Teens with Frankie Dawkins and the Adult class with Charles Whisnant.

  • We had a full choir for Sunday, 14 members. Bob Temple lead the choir. Today our piano player Johnny Edwards and family was on vacation. Frankie Dawkins had our special song for us.

  • Pastor's message (myself) was from 1 Thessalonians 2:13. A fifty five minute message and was recorded on video. (I will post later this week.)

  • Following the service, Bill and Mary, Dorothy, Kindra and Charity and I went to eat.

  • About 2 p.m. Charity and her sister and dad went to Lexington Kentucky to visit with the kids, and to see our grandchild.

  • The evening service at ROJBC was good. Bill Bower spoke from Romans 8:28-30. Followed by a felllowship time. A great time.

  • Retured home around 8:30 p.m. and relax for the evening.

  • Of course I am up at 2:30 a.m. and this post is around 3:23 a.m.


Abortion Doctor Gunned Down in Church

A video also

WICHITA, Kan. (May 31) - Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation's few providers of late-term abortions despite decades of protests and attacks, was shot and killed Sunday in a church where he was serving as an usher.
The gunman fled, but a 51-year-old suspect was detained some 170 miles away in suburban Kansas City three hours after the shooting, Wichita Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz said.

Charity and I lived in Altoona, Kansas for over 16 years, (1980-1996) and often went to Wichita. So we often heard of Tiller and his office. Wichita was about 100 miles from our house.