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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

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J. I. Packer is surely correct when says that... "If I were the devil, one of my first aims would be to stop folk from digging into the Bible."


Theological interpretation is characterized by:
an extension of the grammatical meaning to discover its fuller theological significance
a synoptic view of all the Biblical data on given subject.

Peter is talking about Redemption:

Who are we Redeemed by:? Jesus Christ. Christ is the spotless lamb, that was the sacrifice for sin. Vs. 19 says it was blood, but not just blood, but precious blood. The blood is the life. The value of Christ’s blood is precious because of the dignity of His nature, because of His perfect character. Without blemish, that is without sin. Without spot, that is, not defiled by contact with sinners. And thus it was adequate for the work of cleansing away the terrible aggregate of sin.

  • When viewed in connection with the Father’s purpose and the Father’s love
  • When viewed in connection with the person of Christ and
  • When viewed in its bearing upon men.

Don’t we think of one who has shed his blood as one who willingly, resolutely gave the whole force of his moral nature, the whole wealth of his heart, his character, and his soul! In like manner we should think of the blood of Jesus Christ, which cleanseth us from all sin, not as deriving its worth or its efficacy from that which was outward or physical or material, to as being vested in the blood itself as blood. Should we not rather a thousand times say the preciousness of the blood of Christ was in inward, and personal, the spiritual and Divine life which dwelt and throbbed in that blood?

Word Pictures in the New Testament by Archibald T. Robertson 1933
I Peter 1:19 comments: Word study, Cross References, Greek Grammar, etc.

  • "But with precious blood" (alla timioi haimati) Instrumental case of haima after elutrothete (repeated from verse 18). Peter here applies the old adjective timios (from time, of Christ in I Peter 2:7) to Christ as in 1:7 polutimoteron to testing of faith.
  • The blood of anyone is "precious" (costly), far above gold or silver, (18) but that of Jesus immeasurably more so.
  • "As of a lamb" (hos amnou). This word occurs in Lev. 12:8, Num. 15:112 Deut. 14:4 of the lamb prescribed for the passover sacrifice (Exodus 12:5). John the Baptist applied it to Jesus (John 1:29, 36). It occurs also in Acts 8:32 quoted from Isa 53:7. Both John and Peter have this passage in mind.
  • Elsewhere in the N.T. Arnion is used of Christ (Rev. 5:6, 12). Jesus is the Paschal Lamb.
  • Peter sees clearly that it was by the blood of Christ that we are redeemed from sin.
  • "Without spot" (aspilou). Without (alpha privative) stain (spiolos) as in James 1:27, II Peter 3:14, I Peter 6;14).
  • "Even the blood of Christ" (Christou) Genitive case with haimati, but in unusual position for emphasis and clearness with the participles following.]

Biblical Theology of the New Testament: Charles C. Ryrie

  • Biblical Theology is concerned with the reason why something was written as well as with the content of what was written. It not only examines the product but investigates the procedures and presuppositionals that went into the writing of the Scripture
  • The theology of the Bible emerges out of the thought of the writers as seen in their writing; it is never superimposed on those writings
    From the Gospels to Revelation it’s a progressive history of the revelation of God..
    I used this book in 1966. It analyzes topically each verse in the Bible Topics from Aaron to Worship, with scriptural verses under each name, place, topic. 1500 pages.
  • John MacArthur’s series on First Peter of course without John’s notes I would have been a duck out of water.
  • While I used mostly over 50 reference books for this series, there was a lot of study involved in these one hour sermons taught. I typed these series. The 34 messages printed on 384 pages plus 34 outlines. But the message that still stands out today in my mind after 12 years is 1 Peter 1:18-19.
  • Study for Discipleship Hour at Bigelow Church Easter Sunday April 8th 2007
    Series on I Peter preached at First Baptist Church September 1994 to July 1995
    I Peter 1:18-19 60.27 on April 30 1995 and 60.28 on May 7, 1995

60 being 60th book in the Bible, and .27 the number of sermons in the series.
You put all this study together and a sermon is developed. Which I did for over 13 years at FBC.


Christian students who are not Pastors/Preachers/Teachers should do at least the following:

Reading the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is the first priority of any student of the Scripture.
Read the Scripture systematically, one book at a time. Start with Genesis and the 39 books in the Old and then the 27 books in the New.
Any serious student will read the Bible not less than once a year.
Any serious student will have a biblical library of books of reference helps.
Any serious student will have CD’s library on biblical helps.
Any serious student will study on his own the Word of God.
Any serious student will listen to John MacArthur, Jr.
Any serious student will listen to Bible Teachers who teach the Word of God one book at a time.

Prior to 2004 I did not use the Internet for any Bible study, only books. Today there are many web sites that will help you in this area of study. CD’s will also help.

Drafted by Charles E. Whisnant in 1995 Posted on my web April 2007 Check by Charity Whisnant 04 11 07