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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio


Comprehend more of the Word of God, by more research into the meaning of the text.

Continue to study the Doctrines of the Word, by reading more.

Church leadership study, learning biblically

Choices that will help develop my character

Clarify better my understanding of life

Coffee never gets old

Cogitate, discipline, to ponder or meditate

Collection of Nascar Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Communication skills, verbal and written

Cross of Christ

Christ glorified

Contemplate a number of blogs

Confiscate Information, keeping informed though monergism.com and the weblog.

Church ministry in the area of our calling.

Coherent and organized form of writing

Commitment to learn how to do better research in writing

Create a relationship with readers that they want to read what I have to say.
Charity is a wonderful, beautiful, lovely lady of 38 years
Drafted by Charles E. Whisnant, Checked by Charity Whisnant