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I am the Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio since August 2008.  I am married to Charity since June 14, 1969.  I have four grown children.   Having served in the local church for over forty years as Pastor/Teacher, Asso., Youth Pastor, Minister of Education, Building Upkeep, Camp Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. Also I have worked in the public place for as many years as I have preached. Charity and her sister are co owner of Union Mills Conf. (Bakery) in West Portsmouth Ohio

Who Am I and What Is My Worth?

 In 1964 I became a teacher in our Teenager Class in Roanoke Va.  I became a preacher when I was in the 11th grade in Jefferson High School. And preached or taught a youth class every since. 

I have been a pastor in  Madison, 1971-73, First Baptist 1980-1996,  Lusby Mills 1999,  Second Baptist 2000.and  Rivers of Joy Baptist 2008 to present 2013.
  •  3.5 + 16.3 + .6 +.6 +5 = 26.0 years.

Education:  Bible Baptist Seminary 1966-1970, Hyles-Anderson 1978-1980 and a lot of training over the Internet from 2003 to present.  Training by Video through Liberty U. and training by the Shepherd's Conference in Sun Valley CA. And Bill Gothard, Seminary and All Day Ministers Seminar for 15 years. And NANC Counseling Training.

Assoc Pastor - Youth Pastor - Roanoke,  Southall, West Handley, Wooster, Victory, FBC Haltom City, Mansfield, Calvary, Portsmouth: (Bus Director at Gideon) Building Supervisor/Teacher at Ashland)
  • 2.3+ 1.0+1.0+1.4+1.6+1.0+3.0+1.0+1.3 = 12.6

From 1964 to July 1996, I was either a Youth Pastor, or Pastor or Assoc.  32 years.
For two years July 1996-1998 I did not have any position.
From 2004 to July 2008 I went to several churches but did not have any position.

But at the same time from 1966 until 2010 I worked in a secular job.
  • In 1966 at Seminary worked all three + years.  
  • In 1970 at Wooster worked a job
  • In 1973-1978 at Perrysville, Mansfield  OH worked 
  • In 1979 in Crown Point, IN I worked.
  • In  1980 to 1996 in Altoona KS worked
  • In 1996-2000 in Lexington KY worked 
  • In  2001-2003 in Portsmouth OH worked

From 1969 to present I have been a husband and in 1971 became a father. Married in 1969 to Charity, 1971 Eric  was born,  1976 Becky, 1980 Chad, and Kyle 1984.

So the question is: WHO AM I ? How do I view myself, and whether or  not I feel successful? What does make me feel or know I have been successful in life?

Do I say I have been successful in ministry?  Can I say I was successful in my secular jobs? Can I say I have been successful in my marriage and family life?

I have been saved by the grace of God since November 1954, that is 58 years as of July. Can I say that I have been faithful in my love for Christ and can I say that my relationship with Christ has been one that I feel has been good?

How do I want to be remembered as? As a Secular Worker?   A Preacher/Teacher?  As a Husband?  As a Father? As a Grandfather? As a faithful Christian ? As a Christians who has had a wonderful relationship with my heavenly father the Lord Jesus Christ?

How often have I in the last few years heard of those who felt so bad in living life that they killed themselves. They felt failure in their work or even in ministry.  How do you get that way in the first place? 

First I have not always been a faithful worker.  There are times I have just quit. I have never really liked working in the secular field.  But I hope that in most cases I have worked to to the best of my ability.

Second: I have loved been a husband now for 44 years.  I have loved been a father to by children. How they view me is their story to tell.

Third: I have loved every church I have been in for the most part.  I can honestly say, and my conscience is clear, that I have been faithful to perform to the best of my ability the work that I was ask to do. Too often too good for the pastor, and often ask to leave.   To the churches I have pastured I have put forth the best effort that I could.

Fourth: To the Lord?  I have never wanted not to be a born again Christian. The Lordship of Christ has been my desire from the get go back in my youth. I don't every think you can do enough or love the Lord too much for the Lord.  I don't think you can pray enough, read the bible enough to know too much.  I want to get closer to the Lord more and more each day. 

Fifth:   Since we have become property owners I have had a whole lot of enjoyment in working on the property. I have  teased that I am a lumberjack, landscaper, painter, lawn mowing mower, Is that were success and worth comes from. Hardly, but its been hard work and seeing the results has been great.

Sixth:  Ellen my sister got me my first website GrowbyLearning.homestead. That has been great to do. Then in 2005 I got this blogger, and have put over 2100 posts publish.  That has been really good. Then there are the others websites that I have maintained now for a few years.  The success is not how may people read them, few I am sure, but that is not the measure of what I call success, or what is me?  While all these are who I am, its not all that I am. 

So while I want to be the best in any area of my life, my most desired goal is to know that I love the Lord and our relationship is the best it can be has a sinful sinner as I am in the old flesh. And to love Him is to know that I have tried to learn to know Him with all my heart, soul, body and mind.

I want most of all that people will remember me as one who loved the Lord and wanted to tell others about His wonderful salvation, and then that I loved my wife and children  and their family.